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luciferownsme, January 28th, 2009, 8:04 pm

- According to what is revealed thus far about the story of Prototype.

Alex has a sister named Dana. Dana preferring to help her brother with the power of internets in the middle of NYC apocalypse more than running screaming like a normal person.

Alex and Dana's relationship being apparently more stable that mine with my brother... >_> My brother would kick my ass with super powers. I think my brother has anger issues. He cusses and kicks in his sleep. So if you give him angst too, EVERYONE WILL DIE. :ohnoes:

Well, Alex comes off pretty pissy too... -_-' The trailer says he's looking for who deserves his wrath, but on account he surfs on corpses, chops people in half, and a multitude of other brutal things, I want to know what the hell Alex does when he actually hates someone from the depths of his soul as opposed to people guilty of standing in his way.

:-/ Considering how much destruction goes on, will the internet ever be reliable at that point?

My dad thinks if the big one (epic earthquake of doom) ever hits California, everyone will be trying their darndest to reach WebMD because no one remembers how the crap to do First-Aid and we'll all crash the system. >_>

I've only seen a headshot of Dana so I'm totally winging it on this one.

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